Steampunk Hearing Aid Art

“Steampunk is a joyous fantasy of the past, allowing us to revel in a nostalgia for what never was. – George Mann

Steampunk is a genre of art that’s best described as a fusion of 19th Century technology, retro-futuristic design, Victorian fashion, science fiction and history that never was.

"The Telectroscope" at London's City Hall
“The Telectroscope” at London’s City Hall

Examples of its influence can be seen in movies such as “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, “Mad Max” and “The Wild, Wild West”, and in art installations such as Paul St. George’s “Telectroscope”.


Paris Metro Station
Paris Metro Station

Steampunk also inspires architecture as passengers on the Paris Metro may notice.  And in the fashion world steampunk has emerged as a kind of gothic-punk blend.

A few artists and craftspeople have produced whimsical steampunk hearing aids.  With a few rare exceptions they don’t actually work so they’re more form than function.

Here’s a sampling:

  • "I made this out of a bunch of watch parts my grandfather had (he was a watchmaker)" - Wednesday Apple

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