Now Playing: “Closed Captions”

Having trouble hearing dialogue in movies theatres?
Try this great option.

I went to see “Bridget Jones’s Baby” the other day (don’t ask) and it was a very frustrating experience.  Although Renée Zellweger was as adorable as ever,  I could only make out less than half of what she said.

"What the hell is she saying?"
“What the hell is she saying?”

Her faux English accent didn’t help, and a soundtrack layered with music buried a lot of the dialogue.

But the rest of the audience seemed to be laughing on cue so the issue was obviously my hearing loss.  Even with the best hearing aids many of us struggle to hear dialogue in movie theatres.  There’s no point in complaining, “the actors are mumbling” or “the soundtrack mix is so muddy”. Face it.  It’s your hearing.

But then I discovered what I can only call the cinema world’s best kept secret.  It’s called the CaptiView system and it offers discreet, easy to read captions (or subtitles if you prefer) right there in any seat in the house. Continue reading “Now Playing: “Closed Captions””

Oticon’s New Opn Hearing Aids Reviewed

(Including a sneaky tip on how to use them to spy on your friends and family.)

My hearing is fading but my hopes are rising.  One reason I write this blog is because it enables me to keep up with the rapidly emerging technologies that hopefully will keep me one step ahead of the decline.

So when the venerable Danish company Oticon released its new Opn (pronounced “open”) I was intrigued. Continue reading “Oticon’s New Opn Hearing Aids Reviewed”

Better Microphones for Better Hearing Aids

“MEMS microphones have the potential of providing significant performance improvements in hearing aids”

There’s nothing more frustrating to me than trying to decipher speech in a place where my hearing aids are overwhelmed by the noisy hubbub in the background.  A party or a crowded restaurant are two vexing examples.

I am not alone since it’s the number one complaint of hearing aid users.  Continue reading “Better Microphones for Better Hearing Aids”