CGF 166 Clears FDA Hurdle

It’s one of the most promising potential treatments for hearing loss, and the good news is that the clinical trials for CFG166 are now back on track. The US Food and Drug administration has just lifted its hold and is allowing the human trials to continue.

Back in January the trials were paused pending a safety review.   That review was completed and the FDA has given its thumbs up to continue.

CFG166 is a genetic therapy developed by GenVec and designed to promote the growth of inner ear hair cells.

In partnership with Novartis they’re conducting human trials after a series of successful animal tests.

So far about a dozen people have received the treatment and the FDA ruling means more people can be now be recruited.

“We look forward to near-term enrolment of new patients, and believe that the trial will be completed sometime in 2017”,  says Genvec CEO Douglas Swirsky.

I will be following developments closely.  For more on the search for a cure see my post: The Search for a Cure.


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