Great Video Explains Hearing Loss

Do you want to know why you are losing your hearing?   This short video explains clearly and simply what is happens to your auditory system as age, noise and disease take their toll.  Highly recommended.

A couple of notes:  It was produced by Signia (formerly Siemans), a hearing aid maker.  And I have turned on the closed captions.

The Quest for a Cure

Will there ever be a treatment for hearing loss? A drug perhaps or some genetic wizardry? I spoke with a scientist who has devoted his career to the research necessary to answer those questions.

I want a life without hearing aids. But I can’t wind back the clock, and today there’s no alternative because there’s no cure and no biological treatment available for sensorineural hearing loss.

But there are glimmers of hope. Scientists around the world are working on it, and one of the best is here in Toronto.

Dr. Alain Dabdoub has the only lab in Canada that’s doing the pure research necessary to understand how our hearing develops and functions on a cellular level. He’s doing the spade work that may one day reveal possible treatments.

He graciously allowed me, and my trusty iphone, into his lab at the Sunnybrook Research Institute to ask him a few simple questions.