About Hearing Loss Journal

So why have I built a website for people like me who suffer from hearing loss?  Sure, there are all sorts of websites out there that cover the subject. But most of them are basically commercial sales pitches or are arcane, confusing academic platforms.

I’m an insatiable researcher of new technologies, medical advances and am armed with a journalist background. I am able to wade through some of the more unreadable stuff to sort out what’s useful to people like me and ultimately to find hope. And there is hope.

We have never been closer to a cure for hearing loss.  Today there is no cure but I interview the scientists who are working on therapies like genetic treatments and developing drugs that hold great promise.

Today’s hearing aids are marvelous pieces of technology. They have changed lives, including my own. New models are being introduced at an incredible pace and I will keep up and report on the latest developments.

Beyond hearing aids there have also been some incredible breakthroughs on the medical front that hold out the possibility of a cure. It’s exciting stuff and I am eager to share it. If you want to keep up with it all then this is the place.

I’m not the only one who is slowly losing their hearing. I have a lot of company. According to Statistics Canada about 20% of all Canadians between the ages of 19-79 have some degree of hearing loss. Frankly, those numbers aren’t to be trusted since many more people simply refuse to admit they have a problem.

Of course the older we get the more likely we are to accuse people of mumbling or we are cranking up the sound on the TV to the level of an AC/DC concert. That’s a sign of age related hearing loss (presbycusis). That’s what I have. At 40 I had normal hearing. By the time I was 50 I needed hearing aids.

Why am I going deaf?  In February of 1976 I stood 4 feet from The Ramones and their monster stack of amps.  That wasn’t the only sonic assault on my ears but certainly one of the most memorable.  Or maybe I inherited some raggedy-assed DNA.  The answer is likely some of both.

I refuse to surrender to silence.  This site is my way of fighting back and inspiring others to join me.